Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eau Le Doet Cologne

just watch

This clip, in my opinion of course, represents a unique opportunity to exercise my sardonic powers for the greater good of all mankind. You were probably fully entertained and laughing while watching and may have missed some of the key things this video points out. For example, I rarely listen to the rappers shown in the video (OJ, Wocka, Gucci, Soulja) unless I am with another person or there is a party. I was surprised to find how many of their trademarks/nuances/tendencies I actually recognized and remembered. Being an advocate for hip-hop, substance, consciousness, and all that good stuff, I take pride in NOT knowing these things, however, there I was, entertained and a bit disturbed to find how familiar I was with these guys and crazy things they do.

Is it surprising that the ignorance portrayed in the cartoon was immediately associated with prominent figures in the industry..and it wasn't that far off from reality is their reality i guess. What is the difference between the guys in the video above and the famous rapper photographed below?
Does the fact Sean Carter handles himself in a slightly less ignorant and more mature manner correlate any to the type of music he makes? I cannot find many (quality/popular) spoofs or parodies of Jay-Z. Can you?


  1. The game is fucked up man. Rap will never be the same with these idiots

  2. I think the correct answer to that last question is "of course". If music is apart of you, it should broadcast ur tru colors

  3. Wrong. Disagree wit ^^^ ...plies makes dumb music but he is surprisingly smart. well at least he sounds smart

  4. Plies is not smart

  5. @ GirlyANON sorta is an extension of you...if ur a lil kid, most likely you will make music about kid topics....

    Not sure about