Friday, January 15, 2010

Stuck at the Airport

So....I stayed up all night with my brother, my mother got off work around 1am, we proceeded to drive to the airport in Dallas, TX to catch up to my 6am flight to JFK. I had a short layover in was supposed to be short until my flight was delayed 6 HOURS!!!!!!!!....can't emphasize that enough. So as I am sitting here listening to Wiz Khalifa on the mac, applying to jobs, and contemplating life, I AM struck with an idea. Backtrack-last night I was bored and recorded a lil 32 bar spit session to this wayne beat-so I figure I might as well post it on my blog in an effort to make it a bit more active. I am especially motivated by this weak ass Currency verse I'm currently listening to. He used to be one of my favs...moment of silence.

I named it "freestyle ish" for a couple reasons, one ist of course not a pure freestyle, meaning it was not totally improv. However, it IS a freestyle because it is not really about anything..ya know?...sorta like most music today (even though I pride myself on actually creating SONGS). Last but not least, combining the prior 2 definitions, it is "freestyle-ish", similar to something that is kind of green, you'd call it green-ish. Enough type, enjoy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

kan i kick it?

Happy Founders day to my nupes out is a lil somethin I just whipped up before dinner. Also if you haven't heard Stage Fright yet here is the link, BOOM Lemme know!

Happy Holidays