Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daft Punk

I listen to a lot of music besides hip hop. I'm into a few bands spanning different genres such as Coldplay, Daft Punk, and Pink Floyd (just to name a few). A few weeks ago I was introduced to this daft punk song by my good friend Brian, entitled 'something about us'. The stream is below, featuring me of course.


Something About Us Remix

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 man show

This is footage from a small talent show in Long Island. I have been itching to hop on some type of a stage all Summer and finally got the chance. Shoutz to Starcoma and John Fitch for the 2 masterpieces I rapped to. The sound system wasn't allllllat but the mics were great....almost considered taking one. Anyway the (video) sounds pretty good so take a look/listen and enjoy me enjoying myself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just droppin a line...

Okay I know this may come across as a bit conceded or whateva but so does a blog so what the hell right? Anyway when I'm alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of my mind I hear my concious call...tellin me to write some more. BUT in the event when I am feelin uninspired I can usually refer to something someone has said to me that boosted my spirits, forcing me to reach for the pen again. so of course I am keeping it anonymous...In the back of my mind I know I shouldn do this because after this post I probably will not receive another single word...no..another single letter of encouragement ever again...but like I said...what the hell right?
Now these quotes are from a variety of sites and sources, none fragilant of course...just gotta trust I.

"Man Tic tic is off the FkN chaing...they should be playin that shit on the Radio 4real...but yea man there's a lot of whack music pages on Myspace n urs aint one of em man.. keep makin good music"

"whats up bra i spit alot to i got my own studio an shit but u got some hot ass songs u know alot a people in the game aint talented so imma give yours props"

"Just got around to listening to that. That shit goes hard. let me get a copy of the mixtape (on Mp3) so i can listen to that too."

"this song lyrically is fire. Dudes arent making music like this anymore."

"this is good. Song #1 is my favorite from the tape."

"one the the hottest underground mixtapes i've heard. damn. I like the variety of styles in the cd."

"I fucks wit it"

"dam! lovin yo slappers!"

"This that shit...We need more dudes like this bringin it back to the basics."

"Fav Song...Basic Life!"


"your wit and punchlines are on point papa...thats by far the strongest part of your game...the shit is smart and you can always catch some little hot line for the first time the 10th time you hear asong...thats a characteristic of some jay shit or weezy
also i understand what yur point is in yuor raps...im never like "wat the fuck is that supposed ot mean" that kind of builds on the punch line thing....your communication of ideas is straight...if your talking about how many bitches you bag, i get it. if your talking about how sik your flow is, i get it. etc.
your always on beat, your right there bar after bar. your crisp with it.
also the swag aka confidence is there in your sound. i dunno if thats a characteristic that an mc can even work on, but i think the fact that your "an old head" established at cornell prob helps witht hat "my big dick is hanging, and what?!" swag. Thats important dude and i percieve that in the raps.

"so i know this might be random, but i heard ur mixtape n im a fan!"

"Nah i like retro a lot. . . i enjoy tracks that have someone spittin over an unexpected beat (rap like phillys ova weed huh?). I also like work it out a lot, it is quoted on my gchat status, LoL."

"i thought thats what people judge GOOD music on. . .lyrics n flow.
the hook. 'im not tryin to play u im jus tryin to play a little/have a little fun, a laugh, a giggle'"

"i was listening to your jawnts its nice to hear someone talking about things other then shawtys and swags and other material mumbo jumbo -- all with a nice flow may i add..."

"Whats good with you man? U spittin some shit man I like it.."

"just saw da tic tic vid, it was tough"

"never told you but your sound is dope. you're on myspace add me, we can talk music sometime."

"but yo wheres ure mixtape at, been hearing good things"

"thats wussup, good to see a musician actually deliverin sum music"


"is there any way you could send me an mp3 of that one song thats u rapping on top of a beat made by that guy maleek (sp?) and u sed smthn about "soft like marshmellow in between"???"

"I listened to some of your mix tape...I like what you are saying...keep it up!:)"


"Yea man 4sure.. Out of all those (and i went through em pretty quick but) i Liked Jackson Esq, Work It Out, Heardem Say, Fallin In Like was siK, and When I ruled the Worlds was crazy how u threw n ur rhymes Like that on that track...but yo u kinda remind me of Like somewhat Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, n Mos Def, its crazy..keep makin music though 4real man"

THANK YOU......album comin soon